Visitor Comments

“Consistently high quality of work”
Mrs Jo Cannings, London, SE1

“I really enjoyed this. A wide variety of styles and materials. Wonderful quality and very exciting”
Ruth Robinson, London, N14


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Exhibitors Kensington March 2013

Admission £5.00

Agata Kosel Jewellery
Alan Ardiff Ltd
Alexander Davis
Alison Bradley
Almost Perfect
Amy Keeper
Ana Verdun
Andrew Macgowan
Angus H McFadyen
Anna Byers
Anna Faine Jewellery
Barbara Bertagnolli
Bea Jareno
Becca Williams
Brett Payne
Brian Eburah
Carol Mather
Catherine Beckett
Catherine Thomas
Cathy Sutherland
Charlie High Designs
Charlotte Tollyfield Designer Silversmith
Chiara Bet Designs
Chloe Robertson
Chris Boland
Christine Savage
Christopher Anderson Design
Colette Bishop
Daniel Wilds Goldsmith
Danila Tarcinale & Russell Lownsbrough
Danny Ries
Day C
Deborah Kelly-Hopkins
DeMec Jewellers
Diana Greenwood
Elizabeth Everett Jewellery Design
Esther Lord Silver
Festival of Silver
Fiona McAlear  
Fly Karoline
Gabriella Lane
Gallardo & Blaine Designs Ltd
Giddy Gecko
Gill Laverick Contemporary Jewellery
Gill Rogers
Graeme McColm
Gun Thor
Hannah Souter
Heather O'Connor
Heather Stowell
Helen Brice Designs
James Dougall
James Fairhurst
Jane Martin Jewellery
Janice Zethraeus
Jenny Edge
Joanne Gowan Designer Jeweller
Jonathan Lerer
Joseph Langshaw
Julia Lloyd George
Julian Stephens
Karen Dell'Armi Contemporary Jewellery
Karen Fox
Karina Gill
Kat Zahran Jewellery
Kate Lewis
Katerina Damilos
Kathryn Hinton
Katrina Alexander
Kendall Melvin
Kerstin Laibach Ethical Designer Goldsmith
Kevin Grey
Laura Bennett
Laura Ngyou
Lauren Elizabeth
Leonie Bennett Jewellery
Lesley Strickland
Lilly Hastedt
Liz Hancock
Liz Tyler Designs
London Jewellery School
Lorna Henderson
Louise Parry
Lynne Bartlett Originals
Maria Helena Spector Jewellery
Marianna Hadass
Mariwa Kulukundis  
Martyn Pugh
Michael Berger
Myia Bonner
Naomi James
Natalie Jane Harris
Nature In Gold By Junko Hirai
Nb Ng Jewellery
Nicola Crawford Jewellery
Noon Mitchelhill
Paul Spurgeon Design
Penny Warren
Peter & Sandra Noble
Petra Stelzenmueller  
Petya Kapralova
Philip Kydd Ltd
Poppy Porter
Quo Vadis 1
Rachel Jones
Rachel Reilly
Rachel Wood
Rebecca Hill
Rebecca Joselyn
Rebecca Lawley
Rebecca-Anne Boldra
Sabine Konig
Sally Cox
Sally Ratcliffe
Sandra Young Glass Sculpture
Sarah Herriot Design
Sarah Straussberg
Saskia Shutt
Shelley Thomas Ltd
Sian Bostwick
Simone Micallef, Designer Jewellery
Stuart Jenkins
Sue Lane
Sue Lewis Design
Susan Beale
Susi Hines
Tamizan Savill
Tamara Gomez Jewellery
Teresa Samson
The Craft & Design Magazine
Tina Seviour Jewellery
Tine Bladbjerg
Vivien Duggan
Xuella Arnold Jewellery
Zarafa Designs
Zoe Watts

Talks by selected exhibitors, plus workshops...

We are pleased to announce talks each day by selected exhibitors at this event. Come along and discover the inspiration and creative processes involved in some of the work. More...

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