Visitor Comments

“Stunning and mind blowing talent as always. ”
Mrs S Norman, Bracknell


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Exhibitor Comments

“The feedback from this show has been fantastic. Came away with some great sales and brilliant contacts. Well done, Craft in Focus!”
Louise Parry  

“Thanks for Desire – it was a very positive experience”
Christine Kaltoft  

“Good footfall – people surprised to find high value work here”
Liz Tyler  

“Great first show of the year! A big thank you to all at Craft In Focus, a lovely venue for Desire. Now to get on with the commissions”
Stuart Jenkins  

“Good publicity (as usual) there seemed to be a lot of people”
Cathy Newell-Price  

“Thanks to you all for a great show in Chelsea, great location, lovely people and just such a stunning collection of works”  

“I very much enjoyed doing this show…it was very well organised and of a high standard”  
Olivia Schlevogt  

“The advertising for the  fair was wonderful. Top marks for it”
Stitch and Silver

“Fantastic.  The customer response was 100 % positive, they were audibly squealing with delight!”
Donna Collinson

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you for a really successful show at Chelsea. A great start to the year for me”
Helen Brice

“Good publicity (as usual) there seemed to be a lot of people”
Cathy Newell-Price

“Good quality of public…with disposable incomes”
Rachel Gogerley

“Well attended and sales were excellent”
Katherine Weinberger

“Very interested and knowledgeable customers made it enjoyable for us”
Maurice Ridgeway

“Very good attendance”
Teresa Samson

“A really, really nice atmosphere. Very positive sales and leads”
Amanda Glanville

“Very well organised show”
Daniela Dobesova

“Visitors appreciated the mix and variety – Well attended for a first show – so it can only get better!”
Monica Boxley

“Just wanted to say a big thank you to you all for the hard work and effort you put into Desire at the weekend, it was a great show & I was very pleased to be part of it”
Liz Willis

“Impressed by what you had achieved – good cross section”
Sara Withers

“Very happy with the show”
Rebecca Keaste

"The organisation and advertising has been excellent”
Helyer Designs

“Wonderful show… a very special atmosphere for exhibitors and visitors”
Lila Stern Shewry

“People didn’t hesitate to buy more expensive jewellery”
Sabine Konig